Cyberpunk 2077 Problems

If you look at the numbers so far, you can immediately judge that Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge success. In a short time he has set several records. On Steam, Cyberpunk 2077 is the single player game with the highest number of players, namely 1,003,264 people simultaneously. It surpasses other popular games like Fallout 4 and Terraria.

Perhaps a series of previous delays was the price they paid for reaching that fantastic figure. Yup, this game has been delayed three times before finally launching on Thursday (12/10/2020).

However, the figures that Cyberpunk 2077 has produced so far are just a testament to the hype it carries. What can I do, CD Projekt Red includes a variety of gimmicks during marketing. There are claims about a serious project that they have been designing since eight years ago. Don’t forget, this game also carries the big name Cyberpunk, which was actually released in 1988. It could also be that the release time delay includes the gimmicks they include.

However, all of that was limited to influencing the hype. Another quality matter. Screen Rant notes that a lot of problems have arisen from Cyberpunk 2077. When playing, clothes and weapons sometimes disappear suddenly. Then there is the sound of the character V changing halfway through. There are also weapons that appear to be floating for no reason.

Done? Not yet, brothers and sisters. There are still other problems such as walls that somehow look transparent, messy mission details, some objects that you can’t access, to a number of doors that can’t be opened. What you can then do is start the game from scratch to fix it. Of course, this is not a solution because it is very possible that it will repeat itself.

Not all hype games end up being successful

After the great success through the soccer game PES 2013, Konami promised something even better at PES 2014. Imagine, if PES 2013 is that good, what about the next edition? Since mid-2013 they began releasing stills and teasers to test the patience of fans. They also mentioned the presence of a new engine called Fox Engine.

“One of our struggles during the transition is making games available online. When we moved to the PS3, EA had changed their engine, but we were still using the PS2 gaming platform. We only polish the animation and some AI features, ”said Creative Producer of PES Kei Matsuda once.

Fox Engine is a technology created by renowned game designer Hideo Kojima. This engine is also embedded in a number of popular games, including Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. This is what made the PES 2014 hype even bigger, even before its release.

The fans were impatient. However, what they got was not as beautiful as the teasers that appeared. The graphics are problematic, while the gameplay that is carried is not as attractive as the previous edition. It’s no wonder that many have turned to FIFA, PES’s rival.

“We know something is wrong with PES (2014). Tap the next version will actually change. PES 2014 is a transition, so get ready to feel big (in the next PES series), “said Shinjo Hirano, Konami Europe boss at that time, reported by ComputerandVideoGames.

PES 2014 is not the only one. There are still Dynasty Warrior 9, Mass Effect: Andromeda, SimCity 2013, and several other games. These games are both proof and warning for Cyberpunk 2077, that big hype doesn’t always guarantee success.

Waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 improvements

CD Projekt Red cannot fully rejoice. In the midst of the fantastic numbers they generated, many fans complained about various problems on Cyberpunk 2077. A series of criticisms came.

There is nothing they can do but promise to improve. Two days after its release, CD Projekt Red said that the problem occurred because the player did not comply with the game’s requirements. They also promise updates to fix all kinds of bugs.

That said, the patch size of this update is up to 43GB. A fairly large number and enough to describe how serious CD Projekt Red solve all the problems that arise. On the other hand, this is also an illustration that instead of being successful, Cyberpunk 2077 is just like an incomplete game.