Doom Eternal Review – Comes With Wide Lore and Many Visual Changes

Skulls, lava, metal, shattered buildings, fire, and blood seem to be the “common” sights you encounter along your journey as a Doom Slayer in DOOM (2016). A simple and effective presentation side to give the impression of hell which is indeed the source of everything that is antagonistic in this franchise. The futuristic technology interlude from UAC, which is actually a human organization trying to harvest the energy of hell, has become a kind of distraction from this artistic approach. At DOOM Eternal, id Software and Bethesda “play” this setting even further. Now, he is rich in lore.

That it’s no longer just lava, skulls, and so many destroyed buildings that you encounter, the Doom Slayer’s exploration process to find and kill the three Hell Priests ends up taking him around more new locations which of course, automatically expand the lore itself. Interestingly, these lores are not only conveyed through the Codex, but also through several new approaches. From the cinematic cut-scene system that now shows Doom Slayer’s more interactions with other characters through third-person perspective to how the settings he meets now share their own history. You can see more ruins of war, traces of the epic battles of the Sentinels and Demon, the statues that are now standing to share history, to new and different locations that are still filled with civilizations that you never knew existed before. DOOM Eternal offers that.

Another interesting extra is the effort to put more emphasis on the returning personality of Doom Slayer, portrayed as a masculine superhero who doesn’t know the word fear. But this personality is highlighted a little more through the opportunity to enter his private room which is now available at the Fortress of Doom. Rooms that are not only used to display the various collectibles that you have collected, but also show the various collections of the Doom Slayer. For example, you can see how this one hero figure has collected at least three super metal electric guitars on the wall.

If it has to be compared, id Software indeed injects many changes in the presentation from the visual side compared to DOOM (2016) even when we talk about the same elements that are maintained. The form of weapons such as the Rocket Launcher and Plasma Gun has changed, the variety of demons you encountered in 2016 has now also undergone design changes which on many occasions have made them look even more fierce and threatening, and of course – the Doom Slayer itself is now wearing new armor that makes increasingly looks like a hunter For the first time, id Software also provides a skin-changing feature for the main character, which some of the alternatives do a little to revoke the immersive sensation that you are a Doom Slayer. However, there is not much to complain about here.

So just like the series in 2016, DOOM Eternal also comes with a music boom that seems ready to make the ears of metal music lovers around the world pampered. Not all of the music from the 2016 series is back in this latest series, which of course, contains a lot of new tracks. There is one interesting trend coming along with the lore that is now filling the existing setting space – that you will find more atmospheric music with chanting in it. While metal music is still kicking every time you engage in a super intense fighting action. In terms of audio presentations, complete with gun sounds and conversations you encounter, there is nothing to worry about from DOOM Eternal itself.

With a combination of visual presentations, especially in terms of setting, which now offers and sells more lore than the previous series and metal music that still dominates the battle situations you have to live in, DOOM Eternal is still here as a DOOM series that you want and expect. Through it you understand that you are the reason why the demons cry and not the other way around.

Dance Full of Control in Hell

Those of you who have tasted DOOM in 2016 seem to have understood what the appeal of this game is, what makes it different from most FPS games, and how it ended up being one of the best FPS games ever available on the market. For those of you who are not too familiar, he charms through the cleverness he carries. That in essence, you are provided with a myriad of weapon choices, you are faced with dozens to dozens of demons that occupy one area, you are asked to clean them as best and as effectively as possible, and can move to the next area. Added a few boss battle segments at some story points and voila! You just discovered why DOOM has a fantastic end. No nonsense here, just you and the demons trying to survive the siege of your choice of weapons.

DOOM Eternal was also founded with the same concept, but with a faster pace and more intense action. The fact that they ditched the handgun as a weapon and got you started with a shotgun while providing the Gatling Gun as an option seems to be a testament to this more thrilling approach. From the very beginning of the game your mission is clear, to become a real hell for these demons. The mechanics from the previous series are like the chance to perform Glory Kills – a type of concise kill attack that can be executed for dying enemies that glow blue to get a little extra Health and an upgrade system that allows each weapon to have at least two special attack modes, such as the Shotgun that can. throwing grenades and / or appearing like a machine gun for extra power is still available at DOOM Eternal. However, something was different here.

The key word? Control. That is no longer like DOOM (2016) where you have to fight hard to find ammo and armor in the exploration process in order to prepare yourself for whatever challenges you face next, id Software and Bethesda now hand over control of these resources directly into your hands. That now, you can manage and determine for yourself when you need and immediately get these resources – Ammo and Armor.

The answer lies in the Doom Slayer’s new tools and of course, a change in the way one of the weapons that has been available since the previous series works – Chainsaw. If in the past, Chainsaw worked with a limited fuel system which made you have to weigh and determine the execution timing to make the enemy drop the extra ammo you needed, Chainsaw in DOOM Eternal is positioned like a skill with a cooldown system. This means, you always have the opportunity to access your Chainsaw whenever you need to get essential ammo, even in the heat of battle. The Fuel system is still maintained, but it functions like a “level” for the Chainsaw itself. If you collect extra Fuel, up to a maximum of 3 levels, you will be able to execute larger enemy variants instantly and still get the ammo you need.

The new tool that Doom Slayer currently has is a Flamethrower. The damage it does isn’t huge, but its function as Doom Slayer’s new utility makes this new tool even more important. If Glory Kills gives you extra Health, Chainsaw for extra ammo, then Flamethrower will give you the Armor resources you need! Flamethrower will work in two different conditions. First, enemies hit by the Flamethrower will burn which is visually clear and thus will drop pieces of armor every time your bullet hits them. Second? More pieces of armor will fall if you finish them off while on fire. Therefore, you have more flexible options for this new tool. You can, for example, use it against tougher Devils that you know you can’t kill quickly in the name of extra armor during combat. But you can also burn enemies that you know you can kill quickly, for the sake of the extra armor that falls.

Together with this extra control, id Software certainly has to ensure that the sensation of playing is as fun and intense as the first series. A balanced concept that they managed to execute nicely. We’re not even ashamed to admit that when it comes to difficulty, even at a normal level, this game will be ready to bring you to your knees. This difficulty level comes from the level design in some battles which is rooted in narrow and confined locations, which leaves you with few gaps to dodge. But in the end, the main source comes from a variant of the new enemies that you meet here.

Because your war to stop the contents of this hell is certainly “inviting” more demons to join the battle. There are several variants such as Carcass which actively activates a shield to protect other devils, Whiplash that comes like a fast snake with a deadly melee attack, to Elemental Pain which will actively fire skull projectiles at you. But if we have to talk about the most annoying new monsters, then there are two names that have left us with deep trauma: Marauder and Arch-vile. Why? Because both of them appeared like a mini-boss when they appeared in the arena.

The Marauder is a demon armed with a shotgun, ax, and a shield that is ready to withstand all types of attacks, even your Flamethrower. Such a solid defense system that he has, that the only chance you have to attack is when he “opens” himself while trying to hit you with a melee attack, which is also indicated by his green eyes. Unlike most of the enemies in DOOM Eternal who are straightforward, the Marauder can only be subdued with strategy and patience, offering pacing that is clearly much different. Meanwhile, Arch-Vile appears like a necromancer in an RPG game, where it not only “spawns” dozens of enemies of various variants into the arena but also gives them a significant speed buff. The arch-vile should obviously be the first focus you have to finish off if it comes up. But as can be predicted, it’s tough and it has its own fire-based shield system.

Now imagine what happens if these new enemies who in fact need their own strategy to be defeated, who have different characteristics and functions in their contribution to the arena, and have different attack styles and speeds appear in the same arena. Not just one, but dozens of them are trying to finish you off as quickly as possible. From there comes the DOOM Eternal difficulty level which doesn’t leave much room for error. You have to think super fast to determine which weapon you want to use, where to move to avoid, who should you finish first, find out if there are other resources available, a safe path to run, and roughly what level of panic you are. deserves to be surfaced. This situation that will constantly occur will force you to no longer just use the old DOOM method (2016). That in the end, you have to play an active role to use the Chainsaw and Flamethrower that you have, whenever possible.

The good news is, for battles with a larger quantity, Doom Slayer is now also provided with an extra grenade launcher – which you can now choose between explosive grenades (regular) or ice grenades that can make your enemies freeze for some time and end up attacking you freely. The extra tools on the offensive side, of course, give Doom Slayer more control over crowd-control actions, in which various situations are really needed. Another extra solution, of course, now depends on the ultimate weapon with super limited bullets. In addition to the BFG who returns and is ready to finish off most of the types of monsters he goes through, Doom Slayer will also be equipped with an all-powerful sword called “Crucible” near the end of the story, which is bullet-based (maximum 3), he will split any demon instantly . With a system like this, then obviously, you now have an extra solution for the devil who can end up giving you trouble with the time he has.

Fortunately, the availability of these tools itself has not ended what new things DOOM Eternal provides. Present as a reward if you are diligent in the exploration process, you are now also awarded various types of upgrades that are ready to make you end up stronger. There are at least two different resources – one that allows you to have a bar of health, armor, and the number of bullets more and one that is embedded in the armor and provides extra buffs for the various tools you have, such as increasing the ability of grenades to support the exploration process. These resources also exist for one obvious reason – they give you the motivation to jump here and there.