Dynasty Warrior Movie Release New Trailer

The fact that we still haven’t found a large-caliber Dynasty Warriors adaptation despite the franchise’s popularity so far is of course a confusing condition. On paper, combining the sensation of fantasy about ancient Chinese knights, quite accurate historical content built on it, and battles against thousands of troops at once certainly promises an epic viewing experience. This dream was finally answered in 2018, after the adaptation process was confirmed through a short teaser. Who would have thought that it would take us 3 years before these efforts came to fruition.

Along with the broadcast date that has finally been confirmed, the film adaptation of Dynasty Warriors has also released a new 1:13 trailer that shows more action. Handled by the director – Roy Chow Hin Yeung, under HMV Digital China Group LTD and Koei Tecmo, it looks like a film adaptation that accurately represents the video game version. Bombastic action with battles against hundreds of troops is maintained here, complete with costume designs that are no less “crazy”.

The Dynasty Warriors film itself is planned to air on April 29, 2021 for the Hong Kong market. There is no information yet whether this film will launch in other regions or not.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Dynasty Warriors as a franchise, or rather when he first brought up the Musou genre and introduced it to the world, Koei Tecmo did announce that at least two game projects were in the works. There is a lot of speculation and rumors leading to the potential for what new game series we get, which of course provokes its own anticipation. One of these products has been confirmed to be Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires which will discard the original open-world scheme of the series. As for the second new game? As predicted by many, it will end in a mobile game.

Koei Tecmo finally announced a new series of Dynasty Warriors games, which are aimed at Android and iOS based mobile devices. This one game does not yet have subtitles and temporarily only carries the name “Dynasty Warriors”. Just announced for the Japanese market only, the first teaser shows the Musou genre that we are familiar with, where the battle against hundreds of NPCs remains the focus. Koei Tecmo said that this game will also support Vertical Screen play, which you will be able to enjoy using only one hand.

There is no information about the official release date that he will be carrying or what kind of monetization format is being offered. Koei Tecmo itself plans to hold a closed beta period on the Japanese market starting in October 2020. What do you think? Looks like an interesting mobile game?