Five Best Aspect From God of War

God of War managed to win almost all of the best game awards at prestigious events during 2018. This award again confirmed God of War as one of the best games released on April 20, 2018. What do you think is the power of this latest Kratos game?


A Revolution of Targeted Gameplay

In the three games and several spin-offs of God of War released on various PlayStation consoles, God of War always presents the pressure of action and engaging combat. Now, in the final sequel, Santa Monica dares to take a risky path by changing their gameplay. Combat that emphasizes more on solid action and character development is a very good step.

Now, Kratos doesn’t seem as agile as its predecessor game. Even so, players can find the combination of attacks a little more complicated and so very challenging. What’s more, the character development system and world presentation that was created managed to provide a very memorable game. This is in line with the new story chapter that is now being undertaken by the main character, Kratos.


The Pressure of a Heart-Crying Story

From the start of the game, players will find that Kratos will bury his wife’s corpse. If you look closely, one of the actions that players will start is cutting a tree using a magic ax that was given to you by his wife. In the game, players will also find that Kratos, is now assisted by his son, Atreus along the way. The transformation of the vengeful character of Kratos into a protective father makes the narrative presentation in it very touching.

In addition, the pressure of Norse mythology that is now being carried is also a quite sentimental step. This is arguably a very bold revolution from Santa Monica to combine Greek and Norse mythological references. Which is also very amazing, the story that is made can be received well. It is very interesting to find the Greek God of War who will eventually wrestle on the snowy plains of the Norse Gods.


Improved Graphics and Performance

Nearly 8 years from the prequel, God of War is able to deliver improved graphics and performance. Although the gameplay presented is not as fast as the old game, the slower game actually makes players have to be more patient to finish off the enemies they face. Although slower and seems stiff at the beginning of the game, this game will actually provide a very good reflection where the changes they work on make the playing experience more memorable.

The graphic quality of the characters brought with the CGI approach makes the live characters that are brought seem more realistic. Facial expressions and gestures can seem close to reality. Kratos’s hand movements and the characters in it have gestures that are all taken by motion-capture. It’s only natural that this kind of total execution makes God of War appear superior.


Appearance of Lifelike Characters

Christopher Judge’s appearance as Kratos in this game carries a very heavy vocal feel. Who would have thought that this new cast would be able to present a new and memorable figure of Kratos. You may still remember how Kratos repeated “Boy!” to summon Atreus during the adventure.

Especially at the BAFTA event yesterday, Jeremy Davies received the Best Performance award for his excellent acting performance. The character Baldur or who we remember at the beginning of the game as The Stranger is indeed made like a psychopath. The excellent character of Jeremy Davies makes Baldur one of the memorable antagonist characters.


Total Game Design

When it comes to game design, God of War manages to maintain some inherent aspects of the previous series. Character development seems to have a lot of choices thanks to the new weapon and combat system. It’s only natural that a slower gameplay revolution can be accompanied by new developments that are right on target. In addition, the open world design that spoils the eye, to hidden temples filled with mysteries makes players immersed in the same adventure.

Even though the battle is getting closer, the impression of the action presented doesn’t seem too destructive in the previous series. Don’t miss the platforming design and the puzzles in it which can still be executed very well by the developer. To pave the way, some of the inserted puzzles are not too complicated and enter into a good continuity of the story.



With very serious cultivation, God of War has succeeded in spawning a new chapter of a franchise that has been very strong so far. Although some players outside the PlayStation console can’t play this game, God of War’s good approach deserves a lot of appreciation. Hopefully in the future, the accessibility of the franchise can be completed so that many players can play this game.