Five Days Gone Interesting Facts

PlayStation’s exclusive games are often considered classy. This kind of assumption is not based solely on sentiment, but because it can be seen from the surface. Their latest exclusive game, Days Gone, has a very interesting concept and gameplay.

Not only developed as an AAA class game, Days Gone has interesting playtime and features. The story load in it also has the power to make this release a highly anticipated one. Taking a zombie enemy character, the premise of the story in this game is arguably unusual by mixing several features that are usually not adapted by similar games.


Inspiration for Days Gone

The main studio from Sony Bend, which is located in the State of Oregon, United States, is very close to the feel of the mountains. The expanse of high hills and green trees is the main inspiration for cultivating the open world world from the typical mountains of North America. From this backyard of their studio, the inspiration comes. Even though there is no direct reference in the game, the Diamond Peak mountain area is alleged to be an example they take.


Survivors eat Freaker’s ears

In the game, players can collect the ears of the Freakers in exchange for bounties and reputation. Even though it only seems like an ordinary activity, there is something up that you can find. The merchant who dared to swap Freaker’s ears seemed to have cooking utensils in his shop. Although there is no direct reference, it makes sense that the survivors of Days Gone are fond of eating the ears of the Freakers. Certainly, in a world of disasters like that there weren’t many foodstuffs to gather.


Sons of Anarchy + The Walking Dead = Days Gone

Apart from the setting, the premise of the story in the game also looks to take inspiration from two well-known American television series, namely The Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead. In Sons of Anarchy, we can find the ideology of Jax Teller’s motorcycle gang members who are similar to Deacon’s personalities in Days Gone. Not only with zombie nuances, it turns out that the first episode of The Walking Dead entitled “The Days Gone Bye” is the closest inspiration to the game title.


The Hordes have their own intelligence

In the game, Days Gone offers a fairly authentic gameplay by being able to present a horde of zombies who attack directly or commonly known as the Horde. The crowd that is called the Horde in the game is designed in quite detail. Apart from having quite a ferocious movement, it turns out that the Hordes move with quite good intelligence. Apart from pursuing one direction, they can turn around and find the best route to tackle Deacon.


An open world that runs dynamically

Apart from having a very long play space and game duration, it turns out that Days Gone implements a fairly detailed procedural system. The weather, time, and events that players can find run randomly. Interestingly, everything will have an impact on the game, such as the influence of the weather on the activity of the Freakers. Players must be able to set the time to complete missions such as coming to the enemy camp at night or cleaning the Freaker’s lair during the day.




What are the interesting facts and trivia about Days Gone above? Do you guys also have other stories or experiences about this exclusive zombie game from PlayStation? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments column, OK!