For Honor: MOBA-Style Game with a Colossal Theme

Since it was first announced at the E3 2015 event, For Honor has become a special concern for gamers who are thirsty for the latest genres and are not too mainstream. The genre of For Honor itself has a new concept and is arguably a combination of MMO, MOBA, and Dynasty Warriors-style fighting with the theme of ancient colossal wars.

Before the release of For Honor on February 14, 2017, there were lots of controversies that provoked negative reactions, one of which was that at first Ubisoft promised to be played offline for its singleplayer part, finally Ubisoft changed its mind and made this game requires an internet connection that is always on or “always online” and will not be played offline.

For Honor is a game that carries the theme of colossal war. For Honor presents a feud between 3 factions, namely Vikings, Knights, Samurai. All three goals are the same, which is to survive. Then, if Vikings, Samurai, and Knights finally meet on the battlefield, who will win?

In this game, the world in For Honor is in turmoil, destroying human life. A source of life, such as water, is also hard to find, so once they find one, these three factions will fight each other for it. In addition, there is someone who is suspected of being the fourth party who triggered the war by provocation so that peace in this world would be even more destroyed.

For Honor Presenting a very exciting, realistic and tense fight that focuses on close combat. This close combat system is described as “The Art of Battle.” You can’t just slash here and there to beat your opponent, it requires the right timing to be more optimal in battle.

As we mentioned above, For Honor presents a feud between 3 factions, namely the Vikings, Knights, and Samurai. Well, on the next page, we will explain more deeply about the gameplay mechanism, multiplayer mode, and the quality of the graphics in this game. Come on! Listen to the next page

In the For Honor game, there are 3 factions, each of which has 4 types of classes. Samurai have classes Kensei, Shugoki, Orochi, and Nobushi. Vikings have classes Raiders, Warlords, Berserkers, and Valkyries. Knights have classes Wardens, Conquerors, Peacekeepers, and Lawbringers.

For Honor’s gameplay mechanism is unique and quite difficult if you are not familiar with games with close focus and speed is needed to avoid or block and counter the opponent’s attacks. This game has 3 stands, namely right, left, and top. Well, the purpose of the stand is to be able to deflect attacks or reverse your opponent’s attacks and become the goal of your attack.

Each class you choose will also determine the skills you get after reaching a certain score through kills, assists, or objective points. When playing as a Warden, you can provide temporary buffs for your friends, heal yourself, or determine the location of catapult shots, to certain areas on the battlefield. While Oni can throw kunai, poison the katana, or shower the enemy with thousands of arrows.

You will use weapons that are definitely at close range according to the class you choose. Well, in this For Honor game you can get a perks or you could say an achievement that you can later exchange to buy in-game items.

For starters, you have to choose 1 of 3 factions, namely Vikings, Knights, and Samurai then make an emblem as your profile. Emblem on the profile to distinguish a stronghold, if circle means Viking fort, if shield means Knight fort, and if box is Samurai fortified. Then you will customize the appearance of the class you choose.

In the multiplayer mode in this game, there are 5 game modes that you can choose from. One of them is Brawl mode, this mode is a 2 vs 2 battle, you must be able to slaughter two of your enemies to win. Duel, a 1 vs 1 battle where you will face to face and kill your opponent to win. Dominion, a 4 vs 4 battle where you have to take a certain area and defend it until the game ends. Elimination, a 4 vs 4 battle where you have to finish off all your opponents to win.

The mode that we have mentioned above is enough to make us feel at home playing For Honor for a long time. There are 3 maps, of which there is also a map where there is a chasm that can be used to get rid of your opponent. Do not forget that there will also be AI that will confront you. Of course, with the many interests of gamers, in the future Ubisoft will add several new maps and even new modes.

Well, in this game you can also help the camp you choose to gain power in a territorial area and every hour it will be updated and you can see which side will win.

We played the PlayStation 4 version of For Honor, so the graphic quality displayed was not as optimal as playing on a PC. But certainly, on the PlayStation 4 version, the For Honor game itself can run in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. The quality of the AnvilNext engine also offers a warlike atmosphere that feels more and more detailed.

Of course, the convenience of graphics quality will be very different if you play it on a PS4 Pro device or a PC device that has used a high graphics card, so that the graphics quality adjustment can be adjusted to the maximum level. It is reported that PC users are amazed at how Ubisoft has optimized the graphics in this For Honor game, which does not require high specifications to play this game.

The sound details in the For Honor game certainly concern us, the atmosphere of the colossal war is certainly thick with the screams of warriors, and Ubisoft can mix it perfectly. Starting from the back sound, sound effects, and others it also sounds very balanced. We really enjoy the colossal warfare atmosphere in this game.

For Honor is a MOBA-style fighting game mixed with Dynasty Warriors elements with a third-person perspective with a comprehensive structure, and has the latest concept, For Honor was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Behind the success of Ubisoft in presenting games with the latest genres, it turns out that there are many problems in this game such as bugs or connection problems that are of particular concern.

The first problem that should be of particular concern to Ubisoft is the quality of the servers that host the players. Not only in For Honor, you guys, we also feel it in other games made by Ubisoft. Servers are often unstable, even something that annoys us, When we are playing Brawl 2 vs 2 mode and only 1 enemy is dying, we get an error code and throw us to the start menu For Honor aka Disconnected.

Apart from the problems faced by Ubisoft in the For Honor game. Ubisoft has succeeded in presenting the newest genre in the gaming world through this For Honor game. Gamers who are thirsty for the latest genres like us are of course immediately interested and without thinking about playing this game.