Invisible Inc Review

Espionage is one of the hottest topics on today’s gaming themes. The charm of playing the life of a spy and infiltrating the enemy base alone is still able to attract the attention of gamers. Well, now try to imagine one espionage game that has ever been played, then raise the difficulty level a dozen times and you will find Invisible Inc there!

Invisible Inc is an espionage game that looks so simple at first. Unlike other spy games that usually place you as the agent of the culprit, this game asks you to control the agent’s movements on the field. As an operator, it is your job to order the agents to move efficiently and definitely keep them alive to fight another day.

Efficiency is the key to fighting vicious guards

The graphic display itself is not so “wow” like the famous espionage game which most gamers will remember. However, this game actually uses a comical agent-style approach in the 60’s. To help with the concept of the game, Invisible Inc uses an isometric point of view that is usually found in strategy games. From this point of view, you can easily manage the movements of several agents who often operate in different positions.

The form of this game is not as action-friendly as other espionage games. Instead, you will use Turn Base gameplay, where every element in the game, both agents and enemies, takes turns taking turns. This is very important, considering that this game has a very high difficulty level. The time you spend determining which position the agent moves to will determine his safety. If you think this form of gameplay is so boring, wait until you see what kind of suspense can be found in this game!

The Future is Dark

In a future that is not so far from now, to be precise in 2074, the world will no longer be controlled by the country with the largest military, but by several super big companies. The company leads the world with an iron fist and swiftly and efficiently eliminates all elements that oppose it. One faction that continues to attack the company is Invisible Inc, an underground group with the power of spy agents and super computer support called Incognita.

Can you fight the power of the Corporation?

Thanks to its strength, Invisible Inc has succeeded in breaking into many company assets; ranging from money, valuable information, weapons, to bionic implants that can increase human capabilities when implanted into the body. Initially, the group was not seen as a threat thanks to the size of the company. However, this changed when the Invisible Inc headquarters were attacked and the group was made to run to save themselves.

These changing conditions forced the remaining agents of Invisible Inc to fight a guerrilla war against the mighty power of global companies. Not to mention that they must immediately find a place strong enough to support Incognita. Therefore, artificial intelligence needs a place with a powerful super computer. That is the start of your adventure in the world of espionage which is completely deprived and at the same time pressed for time to guarantee the life of Incognita!