Learn History With These Medieval Games

Many things we can get when playing games. Not only defeating the enemy, sometimes the story in it will make us drift away. There are also many, you know, games that take a historical background and story which is the main premise. In this way, we can open our horizons and knowledge when we play games.

The historical setting taken in this game plays a role in creating an interesting game. The reason is, we can seem to change history because we participate in it. So, what are some games that can add to our insight into history? Check out our story below, come on!

  1. Age of Empires

There’s no doubt that Age of Empires is one of the most influential strategy games. Uniquely, this game also brings a very detailed historical background from the Middle Ages. The war between the kingdoms is also the main treat that we can enjoy in it.

Well, if you want to read the historical story in it, Age of Empires also brings a quite unique campaign mode. We can follow the stories of war heroes in the past and see their struggles. European knight names like Joan of Arc or Napoleon Bonaparte are characters that we can play.

  1. Dynasty Warriors

If Age of Empires carries the history of the European nation, it is different with the Dynasty Warriors game made by Koei Tecmo, which tells the story of the three Ancient Kingdoms in mainland China. Uniquely, Dynasty Warriors managed to turn historical knights into very agile game characters.

In the history of the Chinese nation, a strong commander like Lu Bu was successfully displayed fiercely in this game. As a result, by following an interesting game, we can also see the historical story carried by this game.

  1. Verdun

Before shooter games like Call of Duty or Battlefield brought back the feel of the Second World War, Verdun managed to give players an idea of ​​how messy the plains of Europe were when a major conflict was rocked. Interestingly, this game also brings a very realistic impression where the game is very difficult to beat.

Unlike other shooter games, Verdun does emphasize the weight of the story in his shooter game by trying to show realistic scenarios from World War. In this game, you can’t just cross the street carelessly and the campaign is really hard to predict the storyline.

  1. Assassin’s Creed

Unlike most action games, the Assassin’s Creed game series is most often “playing” with history. How not, in his game universe, Assassins are important characters who are said to have a big role in the world.

Uniquely, they always manage to bring historical nuances in every episode, starting from the Reinassance war, the American Revolution, to what was recently brought to life like the Greek war. Although the Assassins characters are fictional, the NPCs and other characters are referenced from the original history, such as philosopher characters to reigning kings.

  1. Europa Universalis

Unlike Age of Empires, where the battles are more specific at certain moments, Europa Universalis is a very massive strategy game. Players will control one kingdom to directly dominate Europe and defeat other kingdoms.

In each expansion, this game always develops new scenarios to create quality graphics and increasingly complicated gameplay. Uniquely, in this game we will like to control history in a very wide span of time and area. This game was so influential in its time that its game model was copied by Total War and Sid Meier’s Civilization.