Little Nightmares 2 Review

Little Nightmares is currently arguably one of the best franchises in the gaming industry, especially for the indie level. The first series that launched in 2017 was a huge success. Having a play style similar to LIMBO and INSIDE from PlayDead, this game turns out to be unique.

Little Nightmares takes us to a strange, terrifying world. In that world we became little humans who could be killed at any time by the monsters that were there. As a creature that is vulnerable to being killed, the only way to get past the challenges is by stealth.

This game is also filled with puzzles that are quite interesting to solve. This then raised the game to become a game that was busy being played. No wonder the popularity of the first series made gamers wait for the second series.

Four years later, gamers finally got the chance to taste Little Nightmares 2. There are various interesting things offered by Little Nightmare 2. At least, I think that this game is more brutal and dangerous than the first series. So, is this really true? Let’s discuss one by one about Little Nightmares 2.

A New Character with All Its Uniqueness

Little Nightmare 2 brings a new character named Mono. Mono is different from Six, who uses a yellow raincoat, complete with shoes. Mono actually has a much more, yes, maybe fierce look than Six.

Mono wore a very shabby brown robe, without shoes, and also a cardboard box mask. The character design of Mono at first glance reminds us a little of Danbo. Even though Mono has never been told what his character is like, throughout the game we know that he is a very loyal friend.

He is described as a person who cares about those who have the same fate as him. But on the one hand, Mono did not hesitate to beat up anyone who bothered him. Another uniqueness of Mono is that he can change masks.

There are quite a number of mask variants apart from the cardboard mask he uses at the start of the game. Besides that, Mono does not have the power to turn on lights like Six who was the protagonist in the first Little Nightmares at the beginning of the game. However, Mono has another uniqueness in that it can communicate or shout with other good characters throughout the game. You can find out what Mono really wants to do in Little Nightmares 2 by playing the game.

More Brutal and Dangerous than its Predecessors

The first Little Nightmares brought a uniqueness where even though the world that was presented tended to be gloomy, Six, which had bright colors and a tendency to be able to create light in the dark, made this game have various color tones.

Also, in the first game, I quite rarely found anything violent or devastating. But in the second game, Tarsier Studios seems to want to push a little about this franchise to be darker than before.

Changes in the color tone of the main character, changes in the tone of the world, and a little improvisation in terms of gameplay makes the game more challenging, brutal, and dangerous. We will often see Mono trying to kill his enemies who try to attack him.

No kidding, from shotguns, axes, and vegetable scoops to weapons. Not to mention that the boss in the game is more fierce than before. For example, Mono has to be careful and clever to get past the boss gurui with an elongated neck.

The boss’s reach is so wide that it takes dexterity to get through without being caught. Not to mention, Little Nightmares 2 is not shy about putting lots of traps to tackle your steps.

The traps he applies are similar to The Evil Within. Really neat and hard to figure out. The only way to find out maybe you have to die first, only then realize that the place you are walking on is full of traps.

The spread of traps makes gamers feel anxious when they come to a new place. This feeling of anxiety is getting worse if you have to do stealth too. Uncertainty will be your big enemy in this game.

In addition, the puzzles that are presented also tend to be more complicated than before. Indeed, from the beginning this game was positioned as a game that had puzzles without giving any clues. You have to find out the clues in the game itself.

Well, in Little Nightmares 2, the puzzles given are more challenging and complicated. Even some puzzles often determine your life and death. The reason is, the puzzles in Little Nightmares 2 are often traps applied.

Solving puzzles and continuing the game without dying is one of the main menus in the game. It was also what made him even more terrifying and brutal than before.

Killing kills, hard bosses, difficult puzzles, and crazy traps will accompany you until the end of the game. Tarsier managed to keep the tension to the end without any reduction in intensity. Tarsier’s ability to keep the breath of horror in this game from start to finish deserves thumbs up.

Mono and Six, A New Death Duet

In the past, we have often been introduced to games where two characters are traveling at once. Joel and Ellie, or Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are examples. Little Nightmares 2 immediately introduces us to the new deadly duo in the gaming industry, Mono and Six.

From the start of the game, we are always presented with cooperation and described about the relationship between the two. From my point of view, Mono and Six are actually friends. Mono is even willing to risk his life to save the trapped Six, at least several times.

Likewise with Six, he did not hesitate to help Mono throughout the game. The togetherness and cohesiveness of the two are not only shown through cutscenes but are also implemented in the gameplay.

There are tons of puzzles that require Mono and Six to work together. Communication, of course, is controlled by Mono, who can provide instructions via voice or a signal. What Mono and Six did is similar to the collaboration between Joel and Ellie.

In addition, the sense of togetherness was further strengthened by Tarsier who pinned a small detail on the Mono character. In its gameplay, Mono can demand a hand from Six. Not even just meaningless movement, there are quite a few moments that require you to guide each other, especially when you are in danger, such as being chased by monsters or so on.

Prequel or Sequel, You Decide

Just like the first game, there is no real story in the game. That means, Tarsier allows each gamer to represent this game according to their experience. Even though it uses the number two in the title, but actually, this game has the potential to be interpreted as a prequel.

This is of course fine. In fact, in my opinion, story style like this tends to be good because it can present unique theories from gamers so that the game will continue to be discussed for a long time because of the many theories that can be conveyed.

This flexibility is a plus for us because each gamer has his or her own point of view to understand this game so that the sensation of the storyline can vary between one gamer and another. Sequels or prequels, you decide for yourself.

On Some Sides Puzzles Tend To Be Easy To Read

Although I say that the puzzle presented is quite troublesome and refreshing. But on the one hand, there are puzzle repetitions that are done especially when fighting bosses. This repetition makes the puzzle so legible that we are aware of what to do right away.

But, even so, this doesn’t really bother the sensation of a tense game. Even though we already know what to do about the puzzle, Tarsier manages to keep his playing tension so well that this deficiency may only fall into the minor category.


In our opinion, there is no reason not to try this one game. In a fairly affordable price range, this game can satisfy you. Even though it’s an indie game with short gameplay hours, trust me, Little Nightmares 2 will keep you busy.

Moreover, because of the level of horror that exceeds the first game, Little Nightmares 2 never seems to give you space to breathe casually. From the puzzle side, the lack of clues and the more varied solutions that are presented will make your gameplay time very long.

Although there are some puzzles that feel repetitive and easy to read. But Tarsier is able to maintain the tension of the game well so that it can still make us scared and confused at the same time.