SONY Still Focused on Single Player Games

Being an anxious narrative that has been pushed several times in the past, many publishers are convinced that at some point in the future, games that only offer single-player mode will slowly but surely die. This narrative is built on data about the time spent by gamers, which indeed shows how the popularity of multiplayer games is unstoppable. The good news? That, at least at the time of writing, shows no signs of happening. Single-player games still persist and even now, Sony is still the focus for games with the Playstation label in the future.

The commitment to single-player games is pouring out of internal presentation data that the Vice site has successfully locked out. Intended as an internal presentation in front of developers, Sony openly emphasized that instead of dying, single player games are becoming increasingly popular. They get this information from their internal tracking data. Interesting again? Sony also said that Playstation gamers who spend more time playing offline are more than those who actively play online.

From the same presentation, Sony provided a list of “problems” that gamers must face every time they play single player games. Considering that this presentation came from 2019, the core problem called Sony ended up being one of the main features injected on the Playstation, namely Activities. These problems are:

  • Don’t know the estimated time it will take to complete a certain mission / objective. As a result, they are reluctant to play unless they have enough free time.
  • Had to spend a lot of time looking for walkthrough videos on the internet to help them when stuck in a certain location.
  • Spoiler anxiety every time you interact socially.
  • Leaving the game for a while, then forgetting how to play, makes the process of returning to the game difficult.

Of course it’s interesting to see how Sony’s efforts to solve these various problems via the Playstation 5 Activities feature, which was introduced to the UI some time ago, were indeed highlighted. How about you? How many of you still play single player games more than multiplayer?