Stronghold Crusader 2: Best Strategy Gameplay With Better Graphics

First released in 2002, the story in the game Stronghold Crusader presents a unique twist from the original Crusader story, aka the original Crusade, which explains the seizure of the City of Jerusalem between Muslim kingdoms and Catholic kingdoms. This game focuses on the deadly wars that occur between rulers. In 2014, Stronghold Crusader was remade with an even more stunning look. Initially, GOG and Steam made the Stronghold Crusader HD version as a paid download game.

However, for this version, Stronghold Crusader is no longer under the GOG banner. Stronghold Crusader 2 developed by Firefly Studios. The Stronghold Crusader II project turned out to have been the target of Simon Bradbury, Head of the Firefly Design Department, from the very beginning there were rumors that the game was about to be made. Because of that, Firefly Studios is very confident that it can bring a sequel to this game back to its fans’ favorite. As a developer, they have a mission to invite Stronghold Crusader players who used to reminisce in Stronghold Crusader II.

As usual, in every sequel development of a game, what is most anticipated and worried about is what new features the creators will offer. We, gamers, are legitimate to expect sharper new graphics, bolder innovations and features, new characters, environmental developments, and new warriors that are even cooler.

Now it remains how the developer can realize all the wishes of his fans, or at least make changes that are felt for gamers. Because, if nothing has changed, then why make a new version or series? In fact, the graphics for this strategy game are really cool. Unlike its predecessor who used a 2D graphics engine, this new one looks cool thanks to the 3D engine.

From a long time ago, Stronghold Crusader has been recognized as a strategy game with cool gameplay and a challenging resource system. You have to think about the lives of the common people by making various buildings that produce food and resources to sell them into gold, but you also can’t be careless about defending because your enemies will keep attacking you. Not to mention that the army recruitment system is no less complicated, you can produce various weapons and keep your people into soldiers, or choose to pay mercenaries using your gold.

Well, what’s cool about Firefly Studios is the addition of a new feature in Stronghold Crusader II, namely co-op multiplayer. Through this feature, players are allowed to control one palace together by dividing the soldiers and natural resources while they are at war.

One of the advantages of this game, concluded by some game critics, is the regularity and balance of the economic and military sides in it. Apart from that, Stronghold Crusader II is also considered interesting because the story doesn’t really change. However, the similarity of this story is actually a strong asset to enter a game series that can become a fairly popular franchise.

For those of you who used to play Stronghold Crusader in the first series, the appearance of this second series will bring you into a nostalgic nuance. You will be able to enjoy the glory of conquering other nations again through this game. Meanwhile, for those of you who have never known Stronghold Crusader before, Viki makes sure that this game is able to make you addicted. Don’t underestimate it because this game is old school, with graphic updates and other things, this old school game is still able to spur your curiosity. Try it!