The Sims Medieval – The Sims RPG game

The name The Sims has many meanings in the people it touches. Gamers who like it think this game is the second life that “moves the world” them. However, at the same time, this game also generates hatred for people who are kept away from the attention of gamers of The Sims. In fact, not a few couples split up due to the drastic reduction in the attention of their loved ones from playing this game. Most victims of The Sims addiction to date are female players. They couldn’t take their attention away from this game!


However, whatever is said about the game is in fact one thing: The Sims game series is the game with the highest number of sales of any game. Therefore, the release of The Sims Medieval into the ranks of the most effective time killer games raises one big question: Is this game able to embrace The Sims fans, whose addiction levels are comparable to drugs? Why do such questions arise? The reason is only one, this game is The Sims with the theme of the game Role Playing (RPG) which is full of adventure, action, strategy, character development, and quests. At the same time, this game also closely embraces The Sims game system to carry out the lives of the characters being played.


The Sims RPG!

The Sims Medieval is more accurately described as The Sims RPG. Just imagine: you take all the features of The Sims that make players addicted and put them all into the adventure of an RPG character! So, you have to perform various tasks of world saving heroes, such as completing quests, building empires, war strategy, fighting against enemies, searching for combat equipment, and leveling up. However, you also have to organize your life, such as socializing, eating, sleeping, bathing, and improving your mood. To be honest, this game looks like it wants to attract gamers who were previously on the hater side of The Sims to become fans. Is this method successful? Before deciding on that, you should first look at the features this game offers.


The main theme of this game is to nurture a character called Sim to become a successful hero in his life and succeed in building a successful empire. The use of medieval backgrounds can be said to be very good to give the right “feel” to support the theme. At that time, heroes armed with swords and magic roamed the monsters to make his name remembered throughout the ages. However, this theme also provides a very big change to the mechanics of The Sims game. The most noticeable thing is the reduction in the number of items commonly used by The Sims players.


For example, you cannot use vehicles to move places, cannot increase Sims skills (cooking, music, painting, and all the other skills that are always in The Sims series), and there is a reduced variety of clothes that you can use. You can only wear armor for battle, formal clothes for everyday use, and nightgowns. The choice of clothes for each category is also made a few types. So, The Sims Medieval looks like The Sims simplified and patched with an RPG game.


Another feature that was removed in The Sims Medieval was the freedom to live life freely. This game is very much set up with quests that Sims run. As a result, you have to complete the quest within the limited time window. If you neglect the current quest, the Sims that are being played will be penalized. This is bad for Sims mood and social relationships with other Sims. In fact, the main key to the success of The Sims is the freedom to live life and build it into what the players want.


Being a hero in The Sims Medieval is not as easy as ordinary RPG games. In this game, you have to manage your life and at the same time build an empire by fulfilling various requests of many kinds. Initially, you have to choose a story line that will later branch into several other paths. In your opinion, what is the first task that must be done before starting to carry out the ambition of world domination? Of course, build an empire first! The first story will teach you how to organize various aspects of Sims’ lives in this new age. In this story, you must meet the point limit called Quest Points (QP) to unlock a new story. How to? Of course, by carrying out the various quests in it!


Well, before discussing new things in this game, you should first know the features that The Sims brought before. If you are a fan, of course this is what you want to know first, right? Let’s get started with creating Sims. You can create new Sims whenever a building slot is empty. The first slot that you can fill is the palace which becomes the seat of the royal ruler. The method for making Sims is almost the same as before, namely you can change the shape of the face, adjust the body composition, determine the shape of the clothes he is wearing, and adjust the traits.


Trait is a basic trait owned by Sims and he will play a big role in his life. In this game, the number of traits is reduced to just three (in previous The Sims games you could make five traits). However, there is one thing that makes this trait very different from the previous series. You must choose two positive trait and one negative trait (Fatal Flaw)! Fatal flaw is a tough challenge in Sims life that you have to face every day. For example, you might choose a Sims with a weakness who has a weak immune system. The Sims will be prone to disease, their stomachs cannot accept bad food, and they tire easily. Another example is cowardice. Sims who have this trait easily escape from battle and always feel that they are threatened with death. Those two traits are just a few examples of the many fatal flaws that Sims must have.


So, what are the consequences of traits in Sims’ lives? They will affect the mood of the Sims you play. This mood plays a big role in the success of the task you are doing. When you find something that your Sims doesn’t like, the mood will go to the negative side (which is marked in red). If the Sims mood improves by running what they like (based on the trait), the mood indicator will go positive (green color). Almost any action based on probability, such as hunting, fetching water from a well, and doing Sims work is determined by the success of that mood.


The most obvious indicators in this game for determining Sims’ needs are food and sleep. The needs of other Sims, such as bathing, defecating, and socializing with other Sims are not visible in the form of indicators. You can see it after the negative effects appear on Sims’ mood and visuals. So, you have to periodically perform some unseen Sims life rituals in order to maintain a good mood while doing important tasks.


The Duties of Heroes

Now, it’s time to talk about a new part in The Sims, namely the RPG and adventure elements. The kingdom you live in initially only has one building, namely the palace. After you have your Sims lead these buildings, you must choose a quest. The form of the quest offered always consists of three levels. The first is the general form of the quest, for example defeating bandits, gathering building materials, calming citizen demonstrations, and attending circuses. After selecting the quest, you will find options to complete the quest. This choice depends on the buildings you already have in the kingdom. More about this building will be discussed later. Finally, you have to choose a hero who will complete the mission.


The mission completion branch provides several alternative solutions for each quest. So, the way to complete a mission using politics will be different if it is completed through trading means. This allows all missions to be completed in your own way. If you prefer to increase Sims Monarch than Sims Soldier, you should always choose a Monarch hero to complete each mission. Likewise if you prefer to use Blacksmith which can make cool weapons and use them to complete various missions.


Before discussing further about the character development system, it’s a good idea to know in advance about kingdom building. Every success in carrying out a mission, you will get prizes in the form of Quest points, Reputation Points (RP), money (Simoleons), experience points to increase Sims’ level, and reputation. To build, you need RP in a certain value. For example, to build a Barrack it takes 50 RP. Likewise if you want to build other facilities, such as clinics, Mage Towers, lighthouses, markets, and parks. After building a facility, the used RP will be lost and you will have to collect the RP again through quests.


The facilities you build will affect two things in the kingdom. First, he will present a new hero whose job matches the building he occupies. For example, when you build a Barrack, heroes with the Soldier job will be present. You can set the shape of the Sims that will occupy the building or simply choose from the Sims provided. Likewise with other buildings that are present in your kingdom, they will produce new heroes with various professions, such as Mage, Trader, Blacksmith, Priest, and Spy. Heroes of various professions provide an attractive playing style in completing missions and their influence on the lives of other Sims.


The second effect of the building is the opening of the state indicator slot for the kingdom. Basically, your empire will have conditions to watch out for. These indicators are divided into four types, namely Well-being, Security, Culture, and Knowledge. Well-being relates to the level of health and welfare of the people. When these points are low, disease can easily become epidemic. Sims who get sick will have a messy mood! Security determines the security of the kingdom. When it is low, bandits can freely oppress the people and wild animals also become more frequent. Then, Culture determines your royal culture. If this point is low, the people will easily rebel because of a lack of entertainment. Finally, Knowledge determines the level of education. What if these points are low? You should have guessed it yourself!


Remember! The building only opens the state indicator slot for the kingdom, not filling it up! So, you have to fill it by completing quests related to this situation. For example, you take a mission to defeat bandits to increase safety and a mission to heal the plague to improve people’s health. Not all missions only add one indicator. There are times when you can find missions that increase two indicators of the state of the kingdom.


Now, let’s get back to character development. The Sims you play will gain experience value if they perform certain actions. The amount of this value depends on the suitability of the profession with the action it is carrying out. For example, a Monarch will get greater value by carrying out state duties compared to practicing the sword. Likewise with a blacksmith whose experience points are far greater when forging weapons than running politics. The experience value is used to level up Sims. Each level increase will increase the fighting ability and abilities according to the profession. Blacksmiths will make quality weapons faster, pharmacists can heal optimally, and soldiers can defeat strong enemies using a variety of new moves at their disposal.


Apart from increasing the level of your Sims, you also have to be aware of the daily tasks that these Sims carry out. Usually, Sims have two types of jobs that change every day. The success of carrying out these tasks will provide great experience value, money, and mood. However, failure to run it will result in a fall in the mood. Failures usually occur when you are unable to carry out the task successfully until the specified time. Usually, you are given half a day to complete it. The shape is also adapted to the Sims profession, such as maintaining security for soldiers, making weapons orders for Blacksmiths, and listening to citizen complaints for Monarch.


That is the life that Sims must face to become a hero that is remembered by the people. After you finish completing a quest, new missions await until you can fulfill the QP request for a story. Admittedly, the duration of completing a story is quite long because the number of Qp given a mission is very small (around 1 to 4 QP). Meanwhile, to complete a story it takes 50 QP! So, this game will definitely eat up your time and maybe at the same time your chance to socialize with other human beings! Remember, you were warned! Please take the risk yourself!